Hyd Row Hoe

Vineyard Weed Control Equipment

Control Lever

Simply move the control lever in the direction you want the hoe to go - up or down, in or out.


Featuring a hill up blade above and a takeaway blade above right. Both yours with a purchase of the HYD-ROW-HOE.

Blade Retracts Backward

Sketch showing how the blade retracts backward, away from the row. Note how you can cultivate more than half the row.

Now you can start a weed control program with Green's HYD-ROW-HOE and attachments, and eliminate herbicides. Or, by integrating Green's HYD-ROW-HOE into your current weed control program, you can greatly reduce the herbicides necessary to control weeds. The HYD-ROW-HOE and it's attachments control weeds that escape chemical applications and allow you to establish a berm as a target for more efficient chemical control.

Weed Control

For in-row cultivation and weed control in vineyards, orchards and nurseries, nothing beats HYD-ROW- HOE. One lever controls tremendous hydraulic power gently and easily. Simply move the control handle in the direction you want the hoe to go - in or out - up or down. Hoe in between and around plants. The unit utilizes your tractor's existing hydraulic system (no special pump is required), and is adaptable to almost all makes of tractors. We furnish mounting brackets for over 65 tractor models and mounting is easy - only 4 to 6 bolts are required.

  • HYD-ROW-HOE attaches to your tractor in just minutes.
  • HYD-ROW-HOE is simple and easy to operate.
  • HYD-ROW-HOE performs hilling up and hoeing away functions perfectly.
  • HYD-ROW-HOE features an improved design which keeps the blade at the same angle whether arm is extended or retracted.
  • HYD-ROW-HOE features an adjustable spring depth control which allows the hoe to ride up over large stones and roots.

The Hyd-Row-Hoe is Faster, Safer and Better

Weed Control

Hoe making first pass down row. Note how cleanly it rolls the weeds and soil away from the vine row.

Weed Control

Hoe is now returning down the other side of the row. Notice the soil and sod being hoed away from the row, and the nicely cleaned area down the row.

Weed Control

Hilling up operation is shown here. When hilling, simply set the blade at desired depth and angle, and drive straight down the row.

This is a new kind of implement, which is designed to eliminate the long, expensive, back-breaking job of in-the-row hand hoeing. This hoe will do as much work in an hour as several hand workers can do all day- AND DO IT BETTER.

The hoe is mounted on the right side of the tractor, using your tractor's various implement bracket mounting holes. The hoe consists of a mounting bracket and pivot block, which allows both horizontal and vertical movement of the hoe beam (the horizontal and vertical movement is controlled by hydraulic cylinders). At the end of the hoe beam is an adjustable assembly which holds the hoe blade.

As the tractor moves down the row, the blade is guided in and out between the plants manually by a single control lever. No stopping is necessary. When guided away from plants, the hoe retracts backward even though the tractor is moving forward. This permits operation with no damage to the plants. The curved blade rolls the weeds and soil out from under the plants in a continuous strip.

HYD-ROW-HOE is designed to hoe away from, or to hill up to plants. For hilling up, simply rotate the position of the blade shank and put on the hill up blade. The hilling up height can be regulated from 2" to 10". Wonderful for covering weeds and supporting young trees. Hill up to protect plants and vines from winter injury, erosion, wet feet, insects, rodents and diseases.